About Wright Architects

Wright Architects, PLLC specializes in Architecture and Construction Assistance of homes and offices across the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey Regions. Located centrally in Kingston, NY, we are able to service clients in a broad geographical area, including the north country of the Adirondacks and south to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

As you browse through our website, you’ll find pictures of homes and offices designed to meet our clients’ needs. Our projects range from elegant small additions and renovations to large complex new buildings. Since our inception we have been able to offer our clients a full spectrum of services from Purchas of Property to Interior Design. Our specialties range from complex approvals to Sustainable Design. Our greatest asset is the ability to design/approve and provide Construction Assistance protecting the clients’ interest throughout the project.



What we do


A delivery method that continues to be a reputable system that is widely used for construction initiatives.  Design/build facilitates, organizes and controls the process of a project to clients through the use of one contract.  Through one contract our clients have the advantage to obtain estimation assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction.  Our experienced design/build team at Wright Architects opts to collaborate together to produce a smooth project delivery and upheld our clients’ satisfaction.

Construction management:

A project-delivery system that directly handles and administers an ample variety of projects including the construction of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial structures.  Our experienced construction managers at Wright Architects are dedicated to facilitate both the design and construction phases of a project, and aim to meet the client’s budget to produce a cost efficient and a high-quality structure.  To effectively produce a high-quality structure we use cost estimating and tactful methods that lower project costs, create budgets, and coordinate all design and construction processes with all the project members.  At Wright Architects we will ensure that all project procedures are meeting our clients’ expectations and standards for a successful project outcome.

Owner’s representative:

At Wright Architects we have an experienced team of advisors that have a broad knowledge in the architectural and construction industries.  Our team carefully monitors and works closely with clients to oversee the construction of a project from the pre-construction phase to the final phase.  To deliver a successful project, we evaluate the progress of the construction project, manage the budget, solicit any additional bids and perform any other duties associated with the construction phase to its completion.  Our goal is to simplify and create a less stressful process for the client during the development of the project.

Sustainable design:

We at Wright Architects are designing projects that will significantly minimize the negative impacts on our environment and still maintain the production of high-quality infrastructures.  Our experienced team and trusted consultants work together on sustainable designs to avoid the use of non-renewable resources, while minimizing waste.  We are constantly exploring new design alternatives to incorporate renewable energy generation through the use of geothermal, photovoltaic and solar thermal energy source; to create efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our Team

Andrew Wright


Andrew Wright is the president of Wright Architects, PLLC (since 1986) in Kingston, New York. Prior to opening his own firms, he worked for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in Chicago, Illinois; Ittner & Bowersox in St. Louis, Missouri; Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, in New York, and Architecture in New York City.

He obtained a Masters in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Iowa State University. He is certified with the National Architecture Registration Boards (NCARB) and is authorized to work in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas, and Illinois. In addition to his architectural license, he is certified as a Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA). Among his many awards and accolades are: Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts Award 2010 (Restoration of Historic Façade), Architecture Award, 1992, Orange County Association of Realtors (New Residence), Winner of the Harvard and Reynolds Competition, AIA Regional Design Award, Agriculture School Washington University Works.